Odd Ones Press is a micro risograph print studio hosted by sisters, Meesh and Emily Merlin. Both artists and designers, they specialize in making and selling risograph art prints, zines, and other odds-and-ends.

They focus on producing high-quality prints that showcase the beauty and imperfection of Risograph printing. Their work explores the space between hand-made and tech-made art, embracing the lofi texture that only Risograph prints provide.

They are constantly experimenting with new techniques and materials to push the boundaries of what's possible. They also provide printing services to makers and artists in Denver.



Monday to Thursday, 10am - 5pm


Below are the amazing shops that host our work.

MCA Denver - Denver, CO
BMOCA - Boulder, CO
Highway 1 Trading - Montara, CA
Lucid Juliet - Las Vegas, NV
The Venderia - Portland, OR
Tender Loving Empire - Portland, OR
Hopscotch - Portland, OR
Cardinal Gift Shop - Brooklyn, NY



We love to send our work far and wide. Most of our work is available for wholesale. Browse our current offerings on Faire