Spectre Tarot Deck (Pre-order)

Spectre Tarot Deck (Pre-order)


Pre-order special price runs through Dec 21st.

Thrilled to announce this special project is in production, and available for pre-order! The Spectre Tarot deck is a mystic tool with 78 cards, stamped on front and back with iridescent, holographic foil. The major arcana illustrations are femme-focused, in a Medieval Glam style. This is a rare, prismatic deck that you will want in your collection.

Timeline: This is a pre-order item. These are planned to arrive just after the new year. We will send out regular updates on the progress. If you order this with prints, we will ship out the prints right away and then send the decks when they arrive.

Designed & Illustrated by Meesh Merlin

Product Specifications
Cards are 2.37 x 4.75
Tuck box is 2.5 x 4.88 x 1.13

Spectre Tarot Deck (Pre-order) Image 2 Spectre Tarot Deck (Pre-order) Image 3 Spectre Tarot Deck (Pre-order) Image 4