Spectre Tarot Deck

Spectre Tarot Deck

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The Spectre Tarot deck is a mystic tool with 78 cards. Each card is custom illustrated by Meesh Merlin. The tuck box and the front and back of each card is stamped with holographic foil on uncoated black paper—giving it an elevated, hand-made feel. This is an incredibly rare technique for tarot cards. The major arcana illustrations are femme-focused, in a Medieval Glam style.

Designed & Illustrated by Meesh Merlin

Product Specifications
Cards are 2.37 x 4.75
Tuck box is 2.5 x 4.88 x 1.13

Spectre Tarot Deck Image 2 Spectre Tarot Deck Image 3 Spectre Tarot Deck Image 4